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yamatoforever's Journal

At 2002 my sister told me to watch some series at Sunday 6.30AM. She said I would love the show. Since she knows me too well, I decided to do what she told me. With lots of efforts (such as 2 alarm clocks XD) cause I always stayed up till very late at weekend.

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And she was right. I felt in love at the first sight with Madoka Daigo. Had been browsing webs to find out the actor who played as him. That's how I got introduced to V6. Yet it was really hard to find V6 related in my country. It was pure luck to find V6 Clips & More so I can hear another songs than Take Me Higher & Change The World.

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June 5th, 2008 would always be a memorial day in my life. I joined V6 fans community in my country at that day. Finally I could have friends who love V6 too! I could talk about V6 non stop. Thanks to them I could finally hear V6 songs, saw their TV shows & performances, and got introduced to V6 fans communities in LJ. They introduced me to online shopping too so I can support V6 by buying their products.

Now I'm not only support V6 because of Nagano, but because I really love V6. Like my friend here had said, to love one member of V6 would make us love the other five. It's just like a bonus. ^^ I love all members of V6, but Nagano would always be my ichiban. Cause he has introduced me to V6 & V6 fandom. ^_~

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The last pic's credit goes to the wonderful Sae~yuuki ^^

Since I don't know many groups of Johnny's, so far my Johnny's favorites are :
1. V6, 2. Kinki Kids, 3. KAT-TUN, 4. Tackey & Tsubasa